"ANNIE TOO", a Lapworth 45-foot racing sloop, was designed by Bill Lapworth, noted for a series of classic racing boats bearing his name and for the CAL racing series of fiberglass boats.

She was built, in 1956, by Bill and Willis Boyd for the San Diego-to-Alcapulco Race (which she won), and she was christened "Rocking Chair III" (The original "Rocking Chair" was a large Texas ranch, homesteaded by the Willis family, that, when founded had only an outhouse with a rocking chair on top of it!").

In 1961, "Rocking Chair III" was purchased by the Rixford family and brought to the San Francisco Yacht Club, where the family patriarch was the Commodore and already had a legndary 53-foot sloop, named "Annie". As the boats (and family members) were highly competitive, "Annie Too" seemed a more fitting name. Thus began a long era of the two "Annies" taking trophys and entertaining the racing enthusiasts on San Francisco Bay.

In the autumn of 1994, Ted Pike (browsing through boating magazines, of course!) found that "Annie Too" was for sale. Having sailed on numerous boats of Bill Lapworth design and racing from Los Angeles to Hawaii in the Trans Pacific Yacht Race, on a Cal 40' named "Montgomery Street", a dream was conceived.

Now, the Pike Family had a perfectly fine 1955 Al Mason-designed 30-foot sloop, "Brisa" (gentle breeze in Spanish) which they had used for cruising, for day sailing and for teaching. To acquire a second wooden boat meant being serous about the charter buisness. The rest of that is history.

"Annie Too" was brought to Port Townsend, Washington where a team of the finest wooden boat builders upgraded all systems and gave her an elegant new face for her new career.

For twenty years now, "Annie Too" has excelled as an exceptional vehicle, comfortable and fast, for sharing the spectacular scenery, wonderful waters and wildlife, and the magic that we call the Pacific Northwest.